March 24, 2011

{urban} home goods swap

How awesome is the Urban Home Goods swap?

I don't just love it because I ended up loving my swag this round - though Kristy of Love Old Houses certainly did an incredible job of it. She sent me this adorable drawstring bag I've hung in the bedroom:

{urban} home goods drawstring bag

And to match, a wonderfully practical fabric basket:

{urban} home goods basket

Don't be jealous, though - you can make your own basket with her nifty tutorial.
I think these would make incredible gifts!

No, what is really invaluable about UHGs is the INSPIRATION. Yes, it's nerdy to type it all in caps like that, but in all my years as a flickr member, I don't think I've ever been part of a group that delivered a constant stream of mind-blowing crafty goodness. Here are just a few of my favorite projects from this round:

Some UHG swap faves
1. uhg swap finished, 2. UHG Package from *amisha*, 3. UHG, Sewing Machine cover, front, 4. Hoot Dresden by Poppyprint, 5. Urban Grocery Tote, 6. { Urban } HOME Goods , 7. UHG - clock, 8. Zipped hexie clutch, 9. Close up of Spool on Pillow