December 6, 2005

I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude this holiday season to people like the lovely Deborah of Chic Cosas for letting me sell my wares at small home shows. After all the hefty fees of the big summer street festivals in the city, it's a lot more fun (and completely free!) to eat cupcakes and show off aprons to somebody's book club friends and Mary Kay lady.

In between shows, I'm putting together some last-minute holiday gift sets, like this eye shade and lavender pillow combo that really is a literal vision of sugarplums...

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December 1, 2005

So many aprons!

And this isn't even all of them! I can't even fit them all on the table I made them on!

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And here I am modeling one so you can see the style:

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November 30, 2005

Commission, whee!

Well, my fingers are about to fall off, but here is Monet, my friend's sister's dog, embroidered on a miniquilt that will be my friend's sister's Christmas present:

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