June 27, 2006

Apron fun!

This time of year always makes me think of aprons, because it's such a fun time for making messy things, like barbecue and lemonade and fruit pies. And so I've been making aprons - one for the apron swap, another for the adorably fun Tie One On theme, and a few more for my shop.

I've actually been through with the Tie One On apron for a while now, except that I haven't been able to decide on what style of pocket would be JUST SO, and it really must be just so. The idea is to make an apron inspired by your favorite musical, and if there is anything I take seriously, it's my favorite musical! So more on this very important matter later.

And I'm just dying to post my swap apron, also finished, only it's got pockets and everything. I'm really pleased with the fabric I bought and how well it worked for the pattern, and I'm itching to share all kinds of pics and info, but it's a secret swap! So, again, more later.

I can speak to the pictures here, however, when are of aprons made from repurposed pillowcases. I've never sold one, which is really too bad, because I love making them, and they're so beautiful. I'm really hard on my bedlinens, and just couldn't put my heavy, dirty old head on either of these - especially since, after years of folding, some of them split at the creases and end up with more than one opening. In a way, I guess I was making an attempt at keeping these heirlooms heirloom-quality, enclosing the seams of the ties and waistband and letting the back of the pillowcase serve as a lining, and now I'm just as happy with the sturdiness as I was with the look of the vintage pillowcases.

Or, to make a long story short, Reuse, Recycle, Retro.

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