May 31, 2006


is the craft book that I LOVE!

I'm not really somebody who can design her own handbags, so I really appreciate the instructions for all the sweet little purses.

My absolute favorite:

This is a book with lots of quilted projects. If you're a fairly skilled piecer and quilter, the fact that it's all in Japanese would only be a tiny impediment.

My own version of the Retro Fruit Bag (with a little help from Sublime Stitching!):


Tami said...

Great Job on the bag!
Looks great

Kristin said...

I'm not really one for quilted bags, but I might be now! That is so great looking!

Mango Mochi said...

Your purse looks really pretty and happy! What an awesome job! I love it! :)

Thanks for posting pictures of this book. I'm about to order it actually so I'm glad I have even more of an idea what the projects in it looks like. Now for sure I want it!